And the Oscar Goes To…

This Sunday, March 2nd, marks the 86th Academy Awards!  At Swagbucks, we’re a big fan of movies (as evidenced in our newly created Swagbucks Movie Nights!) and will certainly be watching the awards show this weekend. It’s always fun to see your favorite movie stars, decked out in their best formal wear, strutting their stuff on the red carpet!

So, we’d like to ask you to answer this poll about who you think will win Best Picture!  There are 9 films nominated this year – all worthy of this prestigious honor.  Who will take it home??



Discussion Question: If you were nominated for an Academy Award, who would be your date to the awards show and why?

Thank you for all of your great comments!  Check your ledger to see if you were one of the random winners of 25 SBs!  Hope you enjoyed the show!

And here’s a fun video on SBTV about the weirdest things in the $80K Oscars Swag Bag!


-Team Swagbucks