And Your Final Swag Code of the Day Is…

 Up to you to figure out!!!  Throughout today’s Swag Code Extravaganza, you’ve received 4 Swag Codes.

  • This morning on Facebook we asked if you believed in love ATFIRSTSIGHT
  • A few hours later, on Twitter, you saw an adorable picture of two bears who mentioned WEHEARTSB beary beary much
  • Then, you were given the chance to help us finish our Swag Libs and RSVPNOW for our 6th Birthday party
  • And finally, on Facebook, we played a fun game and hope you truly LOVEMYPETNAME

In order to find the 5th and final Swag Code, take all of the letters from today’s codes highlighted above in RED and unscramble them! 

Enter the correctly unscrambled code (ALL CAPS, no spaces) in the Swag Code box before 4pm PT/7pm ET and you’ll receive 7 SBs!

Good luck!

-Team Swagbucks