Are You Ready for Some Swag Libs?!

Happy Valentine’s Day Swaggernauts!!  Did you ever used to have fun playing Mad Libs??  If so, you’re going to LOVE our little version, called Swag Libs!

We’ve created a great story for you, so just click the image below (or RIGHT HERE) and you’ll be able to help us finish it!  Fill in the blanks with the requested word type (noun, adjective, verb, etc) and click See Results to generate your Swag Lib.  There are a few important messages within the final story that you’ll want to keep your eye out for (wink, wink)!

Once you’ve created your Swag Lib, copy and paste it into the comments below!

Congrats to atvchick95, TeeHannigan, ladysmo, coldcake and Patunie – you are now all 25 SB richer!!

Thank you to everyone who helped us finish the story!  So many funny and creative entries – we hoped you had fun with it!  You can always play again, or share with your friends and encourage them to give it a shot!


Have fun!

-Team Swagbucks

P.S. Learn more about our 6th Birthday HERE and your chance to win one of ten $600 Gift Cards!