How Swagbucks Works For Me – kristilec

For today’s featured Swaggernuat, we’d like everyone to meet kristilec, from South Daytona, FL.  Read how much fun she has been having meeting other Swaggernauts each week and the impact it has had on her own Swagging!

Hi, I’m kristilec…here is my story that I just had to write this morning after watching an AWESOME video!

Hi! I found your site in 2012 through a blog post about working from home and it has been a great find for me! I always read the How Swagbucks Works For Me feature on the blog to see if there are any ways to earn that I have missed. After watching one of the videos this morning I just HAD to write and let you know how happy I am to be a Swagger!

Along with the fun stuff like games and earning bucks for searching and catching codes, I have really benefited from the videos offered on Swagbucks. I’ve gotten new ideas for recipes, ways to save money on the grocery bill and crafting ideas. The best find came today when I was watching a Daily Finance video on doing your taxes. I found out that we qualify for a tax break because my husband has a 401K through his work he contributes to. We usually just file the EZ form, but this article directed us to file 1040 and we will get a tax break and more money back on our refund! How great is that! And that is something I never would have thought of or been able to cash in on by just filling our taxes out like we normally do!

I’ve used gift cards for buying supplies for our 3 dogs and fun stuff for us. I also make sure to check out the special offers where I can earn for buying presents at the holidays. Ordering printer supplies through the special offers has also been a nice way to add on for buying the things I need in my home office. I also signed up for Accelerator and that has encouraged me even more to make sure I Swag daily!

The thing I have learned to like the most though through swagging is the shopping . We are down to one vehicle and my husband works long hours so we always ended up cramming our shopping into a Sunday-usually his only day off work. Through the shopping feature on Swagbucks I have been able to buy most of our basic necessities which has two benefits- more Swag Bucks and cutting down on the time spent physically shopping every Sunday! I even order our dog food now through Swag shopping! Thank you Thank you Thank you Swagbucks! You’ve made my life that much easier and enjoyable!

Thank you, kristilec, for sharing this story!  It’s so great to hear that you’re truly making Swagbucks work for YOU!  And what a great find regarding your taxes!  That will surely come in handy!  So will this – 500 more Swag Bucks for you!  Enjoy!

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-Team Swagbucks