How Swagbucks Works For Me – RayJay48

We love meeting Swaggernauts from all over the globe and hearing about they are making Swagbucks work for them! Today we’d like everyone in Swag Nation to say hi to RayJay48, from Boqueron, Puerto Rico.

I am a disabled veteran dealing with traumatic brain disease unable to work and have a beautiful wife and the father of 2 teenagers and a toddler of 4 years of age.

Well I first knew about Swagbucks about 2 years ago but due to dealing with my illness and everyday family life was not able to fully take advantage of this great opportunity and I forgot about it due to my TBD. Well while it has been a struggle. I have had some memories back and since about November 2012 I really have used Swagbucks to help in life not only in providing an opportunity for some extra cash as well as discounts and savings but also to be able to share my experience and well being with my family and friends through the referral program.

Because of TBD I have been mostly homebound and sort of a recluse. I use it as a tool as not to forget my languages and communication skills through the internet and to maintain my mental health. Now I use it as a tool with my teenagers to show them a way to get the most for their money throughout the savings like when I made 3,800 Swag Bucks with a purchase I made of fine jewelry at Yaysave at a great discount price.

They are also learning about the stock market and mutual funds through Swagbucks TV and provides an alternative to Facebook. Keeps me busy and my mind active plus I feel a lot more productive thanks to this grand opportunity. I would like to extend my personal thanks to all employees.

Thanks RayJay48, for sharing your story with us!  We love hearing that you’re sharing your appreciation for Swagbucks with your family!  What a great learning tool for them to use!  Enjoy these additional 500 Swag Bucks!

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-Team Swagbucks