How Swagbucks Works For Me – snazzyone

We have Swaggernauts all over the world – and today we’d like to introduce everyone to snazzyone, from Meat Cove Inverness County, Nova Scotia.  Learn how she’s taking advantage of Shop and Earn!

I was introduced to Swagbucks in September 2013 by my daughter.  Since then I have acquired enough points to get a $100 card which I have used to purchase gifts for upcoming birthdays for my daughters. I live in a rural area so getting back and forth to shopping malls is difficult because I am a 3 hour drive away from the nearest one.

Sometimes I qualify for surveys but I find even doing tasks, watching SBTV,codes, etc will make the points add up in no time and it’s an easy way to save towards anything you need to get without costing a penny. I recently purchased 2 games for my older daughters and my little ponys for my 6 year old’s birthday that I could not find in the stores using Swag Bucks to get points towards a card for

I am now working towards getting points for another card so I can continue to shop and earn.

Thank you so much Swagbucks you really have made my shopping easier and so much fun 🙂

Thank you snazzyone, for sharing this story with us!  It’s great to hear that you’re truly making Swagbucks Work For You (and your family)!

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-Team Swagbucks