Music Monday – Let’s Take a Trip to Mars

Bruno Mars, that is!  SuperBowlXLVIII happened yesterday – though it was far from super.  Swagbucks would like to give our congrats to the Seahawks and those rooting for them!

The best part of the game, by far, was the halftime show.  Bruno Mars was phenomenal and the Red Hot Chili Peppers still can rock!  This halftime show definitely had something for everyone!

Music Monday Trivia: The band that performed with Bruno Mars during the show has a bass player with a unique nickname.  What is it and what instrument did he originally play?

Congrats to dakotama, Kajola and readingtweet  for correctly answering Flea and Jazz Trumpet!

Music Monday Discussion: Which 2 artists would you love to see perform in a future Super Bowl halftime show?

Thanks for all of your great comments!  Check your ledger to see if you were one of our 3 random winners of 25 SBs!


-Scotty K, Team Swagbucks