TSG’s Tips – 6th Birthday means giving away $6,000!

Can you believe it is time to celebrate another Swagbucks birthday? It feels like we just turned 5 only 358 days ago!  If you’ve been a member of the Swag Nation you know we like to blow it up big time on our birthday!  And  if this is your first year – welcome!  The more the merrier!

Here’s a quick primer on how to get the most out of Swagbucks 6th Birthday Party.  First you want to click RSVP and Join on this page (you can also get there from that button on the homepage that looks like this:

This will assign you to a team (more on this later) AND you will get a chance to pick one of 5 Birthday Wishes.  Technically that is all you have to do until the actual birthday – Tuesday February 25, 2014 – but there is a huge benefit to keep earning Swag Bucks between now and then.  For every 30 Swag Bucks you earn between the moment you RSVP and Join and the very end of the day Sunday, February 23, 2014 – you will get one entry into a random drawing to win one of 10 $600 PayPal Gift Cards!

So it is up to you – do you want a lot of entries? Earn a lot of Swag Bucks!  Do you want just a few chances to win – well, if this is the case I recommend professional help.  Anyhow, click here for official rules.  Winners will be announced on our birthday Tuesday, February 25th!

There you go! Stay tuned as we get closer to the actual birthday and we will explain the 6th Birthday Team Challenge + more info on Swag Codes that day.

PS: There is still a chance to get referrals and take advantage of 10% For Life.  More info here.

What team are you on?