TSG’s Tips – Everything I Needed to Know About the 6th Birthday I Learned From Swagbucks

We are mere hours away from Swagbucks 6th Birthday Party and the excitement is palpable!  This is one party where it is not fashionable to be late so here is everything you need to know to make the most Swag Bucks!

Hopefully by now you have clicked the RSVP & Join button and been assigned to a Team.  (If not – there is still time – click HERE). Are you Team Pink? Team Yellow? Team Green? Team Red? Team Blue? Team Purple?.  There are 6 Teams total – all competing against each other.

Like previous Team Challenges, doing different activities on Swagbucks will not only earn you Swag Bucks but contribute points to your team’s total.  Each team is represented by a candle on the cake – fill up your team’s candle and light the flame atop first and your Team wins!

What earning activities contribute points?  They are all listed on the 6th Birthday Party Page but here is a list: Surveys, Games, Tasks, Activities, Special Offers, Search, SBTV, Daily Poll, NOSO, Redeem Swag Codes.  Basically any way you can earn Swag Bucks will contribute a certain number of points to your team candle.

What can each team win?  Contribute at least 1 point to your team candle and you are eligible for the bonuses based on what order your team completes the challenge and lights their candle.  The 1st team to light their candle will get 50 SBs each.  2nd team to light their candle will get 30 SBs. 3rd team gets 25 SBs, 4th team gets 20 SBs, 5th team gets 15 SBs and even the 6th team will get 10 SBs each.  All bonuses will be paid by March 7th.

Is that all we can win?  No! The top 3 point contributors on each team will get bonuses! Top contributor will get 500 SBs, 2nd place will get 250 SBs, 3rd place will get 100 SBs on each team.  Watch your team’s leaderboard to see where you rank.

I know what you are thinking – will there be extra Swag Codes during the Swagbucks 6th Birthday?  Of course! Beginning at 4am PT/ 7am ET on Tuesday, Feb 25, 2014 we will be releasing at least (yes, I said AT LEAST) 66 Swag Bucks in Swag Codes!

Wow! Bonus Swag Bucks, Swag Codes, Team camaraderie, what else could possibly make Tuesday any better? How about $6,000!  Throughout the Swagbucks 6th Birthday Party my friends from Team Swagbucks will be announcing 10 winners of $600 each.  Click here for a reminder on eligibility.

What time do these festivities begin?  4:00 am PT/ 7:00 am ET.  That is when points start to count towards your team’s candles.  That is when Swag Codes begin.  That is when you want to be at the Swagbucks 6th Birthday Party! The Party continues all day long!


PS. Did you make your Birthday Wish when you RSVPed for the Party? Once all the candles have been lit we will reveal the winning wish!

PPS. Watch for specials on Swagstakes throughout the Swagbucks 6th Birthday Party, too!

PPPS. There is still time to enter the Gold, Silver and Bronze game tournaments which will award over 44,000 Swag Bucks on Tuesday!