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We are always looking for more ways to help you get a little more out of your time online. Besides Swag Bucks, discovery is also it’s own reward. We also want you to enjoy great content from across the internet.  With this mission in mind, we’re going to start curating videos and articles for you to explore and discover on Encrave.

Whenever you crave a little more on any given subject, come to Encrave.  People have already begun discovering things like sports & entertainment news and movie trailers.

You can even peruse through lifestyle tips around personal, healthy recipes, exercise and so much more!  Encrave offers something for everyone.

The Discovery of all this great content is a reward in itself.  We will thank you in true Swag Bucks fashion just for checking out what we’ve curated for you.

Explore and discover what you’re craving for on Encrave. It’s under the Discover menu in your navigation.

-Team Swagbucks


We hear you and agree – the recent update to Encrave is a big change. In order to provide the most Encrave earning opportunities it is important to focus on discovering great content. We understand that’s different than what it was before, but it will allow us to provide even more earning opportunities in the future. Please keep the feedback coming and we’ll work hard on creating a better and more rewarding experience. – Scott Dudelson, Chief Operations Officer