How Swagbucks Works For Me – gr8m8

It’s Monday – which is always cause for celebration (note the sarcasm)!  Today, we’d like everyone to meet gr8m8, from East Yorkshire, UK!  After recently joining Swagbucks (less than three weeks ago!) he’s quickly on his way to aiding his summer vacation – read more below!

Greetings to the worldwide Swaggers from East Yorkshire in the UK.  My Swag Name is gr8m8 (which sounded better when I first thought of it) and I first came across Swagbucks on another monetizing site when a member there posted about it.  I took a look and was instantly hooked.

I’ve been around for less than three weeks and already have more the two thousand SBs which I am hoping to build up to buy some bits and pieces for my summer vacation.

I’ve given up watching TV for lent and so Swagbucks is a great diversion in the evenings after work.  It can be frustrating at times when things don’t go the way you want them to but he support team at HQ have always sorted out any issues I’ve had (or told me where I’ve gone wrong).

I’ve always spent more time than I should on the Internet and it’s great to get some income from it.  My favourite activities are SBTV, surveys and trying to get the extras on search (my best was when I came home, typed in, ‘home from work’ and got 14 SBs).

I’ve managed to get my daily goals each day since I discovered them but I’ve got to go away for three days later in the week so my run will have to end.

Happy Swagbucking, gr8m8

Welcome to Swagbucks, gr8m8!!!  We’re so glad you’ve joined and are already earning so much!  Keep up the great work!  Also, where did you get that shirt – can you send us one??

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-Team Swagbucks