How Swagbucks Works For Me – kira226

Happy Friday!  We hope you have some exciting plans for the weekend!  Today we’d like you to meet kira226, from Tarrytown, NY.  Read how she’s used Swagbucks to help get her sister the perfect wedding gift!

I found Swagbucks when I was trying to make money online to buy my sister a wedding present by my own money. My sister is the one who has been taking care of me since my parents are separated and both of them now have their own family to care about. I was too young back then to understand anything and even now, I am still too young to support her.

My tuition and daily fee are given by my sister. Therefore, the fact that she can find the one she truly loves and married him is the biggest event of my life. I want to give her not only the perfect wedding gift but a gift that is bought by the money I made by myself.

This is where Swagbucks came in. I worked extra hard on  taking surveys, playing as many games as I can, and doing other Swagbucks activities hoping that I could make enough to buy anything that’s worth her life which she had spent it on me. Since I found Swagbucks only a few days before the wedding, I can only redeem 2 Amazon Gift Cards, $10 in total and $25 cash in my PayPal account.

I bought my sister a flower bouquet. When I said that I made that money on my own, she was so moved that she decided to use my bouquet for the wedding instead of the one before. We both cried so much on that day and the gift meant so much for both of us.

Thanks Swagbucks for letting my dream comes true!

Thank you for sharing this incredibly touching story, kira226.  We bet it felt really great to be able to give back to your sister!  Keep up your Swagging!

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-Team Swagbucks