How Swagbucks Works For Me – mythpunk13

Anytime we read about a Swaggernaut using our site to help save money, we get a great big smile.  Keep it up!! Today, say hello to mythpunk13, from Longview, WA.  Learn about how she and her husband are making Swagbucks work for them!

Like many Americans these days, my husband and I struggle to balance our budget against the tide of rising food and utility prices.  Both permanently disabled, with a single Social Security income between us while my case is being appealed, we’ve had to cut back drastically in many areas, and the amazon gift cards we earn through Swagbucks are a true blessing to us!  In the last few years we’ve purchased everything from vitamins for ourselves to a freestanding laser toy for our cats, along with many other things that we couldn’t otherwise properly afford to buy.

Trying to conserve energy and keep our utility bills as low as possible was a huge priority for us this winter, and we earned enough between us to help tremendously with that.  I was able to give my husband an early Christmas present of a long fleece hooded robe to keep him warm with the thermostat set lower, he loves it and still wears it all the time.

We were then able to combine our efforts to replace our old toaster oven with a brand new model, which saved us money on electricity because it’s energy efficient, and replaced our toaster as well.  We also didn’t have to use our big older oven all the time to cook small meals or heat up snacks and single servings.  These simple changes, funded by Swagbucks, have already saved us money on our utility bills, as they’ve been $20 to $40 lower every month since December and it’s been just as cold or colder here!

This is a picture of my husband in his robe while heating up the toaster oven.  While he’s photo phobic, our 14 year old Maine Coon cat Kasper is not!

We’re both extremely grateful to have Swagbucks as a resource.  Thank you so much for everything.  Please have a wonderful Spring, with many blessings!

Warmly, mythpunk13

Thank you for this great story!  That robe looks amazingly comfy – and what a cute cat!  Did you know we love cats?

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-Team Swagbucks