How Swagbucks Works For Me – Olgasveta

Happy Pi Day, Swag Nation!  Everyone gets 3.14 stars!!  Today, we’d like you to give a hearty hello to Olgasveta, from Ajax, Ontario.  Read how after being told about Swagbucks by a friend, she’s using the site to help her son with lunch while he’s away at college!

I was silly not to listen to my friend three years ago when she told me about Swagbucks! I was so busy with something and I don’t even remember now what it was. Finally, three years later I joined the site and never looked back. Now I am only busy with Swagbucks, because it provides my son with a free lunch on the campus.

When my son entered university, I was struggling with high cost of tuition fees. In addition, a six months meal plan was adding up to $2500. Too much to handle for a single mother.  When I learned that I can redeem my swagbucks for Starbucks e-gift card, I thought it was my lucky day!

Now my son is using Starbucks e-gift cards to buy his lunch on the campus and I don’t worry about his meals anymore. I do visit the campus on some occasions to have a cup of coffee with my son and share happy moments.

Thank you Swagbucks team for improving the quality of life.

Thanks you, Olgasveta for sharing this story!  It’s always great to read about Swaggernauts helping out a family member in need!  Great job!

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-Team Swagbucks