How Swagbucks Works For Me – swagbug33

Good day, Swag Nation!  Is there anything better than winning something?  Probably not!  That’s one of the reasons we created our Swagstakes.  And today we’d like you to meet swagbug33, from Belton, TX.  Read about how this lucky Swaggernaut has already won 3!  If this doesn’t entice you to enter a Swagstakes, we’re not sure what will!

As all Swaggernauts know: our virtual dollars go a long way! I have bought a stroller, a car seat, numerous “pizzagrams”, and the PayPal and Amazon gift cards have covered more bases for my family than I can count. My PayPal account rewards are helping to fly my daughter and granddaughter to visit this Spring! (and check the earrings-oh yea, Swagbucks).

In fact Swagbucks is my version of the mayo jar that Marge Simpson keeps in her hair.  I have been a member for about a year and some of the most fun I have had is with SWAGSTAKES. In fact there is no better bang for your virtual buck than winning a Swagstakes. My first win was a $10 Amazon card.

I have participated in many and not won of course. But for me, creating a possibility of something otherwise unlikely is of value. And so the awesome Swagstakes for both a PS4 and XBox One captured my imagination. How cool would it be to give one particular apple of my eye both of these systems for his birthday? I WON!  I can tell you it was so fun and touching to watch him open both of those packages (WHAT??!!) Worth a million bucks!!

Shortly after another opportunity given was a game bundle. Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield4 for any game system. I went for it and WON!  I have to say: the Swagstakes with all of the appliances has me thinking..what if I wrap all of them up, put them under the Christmas tree and say “Take one!” What fun that could be-everyone getting something awesome, talking recipes and cooking up a storm!

Many thanks Swagbucks for the many blessings and a little inspiration.

This is truly incredible!  We can only imagine the ear to ear smiles your son/grandson/husband had opening up these amazing birthday presents!

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-Team Swagbucks