How Swagbucks Works For Me – wifeofmatthew

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  We’d like to say how lucky WE feel today that we get to meet so many incredible people who love our site!  Let’s keep the good times rolling – say hi to wifeofmatthew, from Enid, OK.

I am so very grateful for Swagbucks!  I originally started Swagbucks as a way for me to be able to afford “extras” for myself that our family budget wouldn’t have otherwise made room for.  However, Swagbucks has come to our family’s rescue several times over the past two years.

Due to emergency room bills for both my husband and one of my sons, an out-of-state move, car problems, and general rising costs, Swagbucks has become my go-to for things like Christmas and birthday gifts.  Once in a while, I can get a little something for myself, but the vast majority of my earned Swag Bucks goes for the good of the whole family.

Because of unforeseen medical bills (it was my turn to be sick with bronchitis), the money we had saved for my younger son’s birthday instead went to pay for a clinic visit and medicine.  If it weren’t for Swagbucks, my little boy would have had a very disappointing 3rd birthday.  Instead, I had just enough Swag Bucks to be able to get him a play cash register and a game.

Thank you Swagbucks for helping to keep my little boys happy!

Thank you, wifeofmatthew, for sharing this great story with us!  We’re very glad that you’ve been able to get a few “extras” by using Swagbucks.  That’s why we’re here!

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