How To Do a Google Hangout

Getting together with your friends is great!  But what if your friends are spread all over the country, or even the world?  It can be difficult to coordinate schedules, find a good airfare and make your mini-reunion happen.

What if there was an easier, more efficient solution?  Guess what – there is!  Google Hangouts!!! If you’ve never heard of Google Hangouts, hang on – we’ll give you all the information you need to set one up!

Q: What is a Google Hangout?

A: Hangouts lets you send messages, emoji, photos, and start video calls with your friends and family. You can start a Hangout from Gmail, Google+, your Android or iOS device, or with the Chrome extension.

Q: Who can you start a Google Hangout with?

A: You can start a Hangout with anyone you’d like as long as the person has a Google account.

  • Want to start a Hangout with someone who has a Google account?  If you start a Hangout with someone who uses Hangouts, Gmail, or Google+, they’ll receive a notification the next time they sign in. If you are not in a circle they have enabled for Hangouts, or if you haven’t used Google Chat or Talk with them before, they will get a  Hangouts request.
  • Want to start a Hangout with someone who doesn’t have a Google account?  If you start a Hangout with someone who doesn’t have a Google account, an invitation will be sent to their email address asking them to get Hangouts.

Here’s how you can start a Google Hangout

1.  Select the people you want to have a Hangout with. Here are three ways to find people:

  • Find people by scrolling through your Hangouts list.
  • Click the + button at the top of your Hangouts list and type a name, email address, or phone number.
  • Search for a Google+ circle using the search box at the top of your Hangouts list.
2.  Click the grey check mark next to the person’s name or the circle.
3.  Repeat the first two steps to add additional people.
4.  Click the message button or the video call button .
  • You can also add people by typing a person’s name and then pressing Tab to select the person. Repeat this process until you’ve selected everyone you want to add and then press Enter.
  • If you have enabled the Hangouts Chrome extension, Hangouts started in Gmail or Google+ will open outside of the browser window.
Here’s how you can start a Hangout from your Google+ page
  1. Log in to your Google+ account.
  2. From your Google+ account main menu, click Pages.
  3. Select the Google+ page for which you’d like to start a Hangout.
  4. Click Manage this page.
  5. Click Start a hangout.

For more questions about starting a Google Hangout – CLICK HERE.

Would you be interested in participating in a Google Hangout with your fellow Swaggernauts and Team Swagbucks members?  And if so, what should we talk about?!

Let’s Hangout soon!

-Team Swagbucks