It’s Almost Time for Movie Night!

The sun is still shining – and we hope you’re enjoying the glorious heat wave we’ve been having on Swagbucks today!

The fun is not over yet though!  Don’t forget to join us TONIGHT for Movie Night Sponsored by M-GO – it all starts at 4pm PT/7pm ET!  We’ll be watching The Muppets and having fun trivia and discussion questions throughout the movie – with chances to win Swag Bucks!

You can join our Facebook event right here and rent the movie (and you’ll get 200 SBs!).

Having said all that, only one question remains: WHICH MUPPET ARE YOU?????

Take this quick and easy quiz to find out and let us know in the comments below.

WOW – so many Swaggernaut Muppets!!  Congrats to sandrak3, thundercrafts, Ugo98, MattChance and SharynGoldrich.  Enjoy your 20 SBs!

Click Here to Take The Quiz!


Have fun!

-Team Swagbucks (P.S. – we got “Scooter”)