Music Monday: Do a Little Irish Jig?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Swag Nation!!  Today, everybody’s a little bit Irish!

If you’re celebrating today, please do so responsibly.  If you’re at home or at work and need to jam out to a classic St. Patty’s Day tune – here you go!

Music Monday Trivia Question:  This song was prominently featured in an Academy Award winning film.  Who was the director and what was his most recent film?

Congrats to spatch968, GrlRcr and callmeann for correctly answering Martin Scorsese (who directed The Departed) and his most recent film which was The Wolf of Wall Street!  Enjoy your 25 SBs! 

Music Monday Discussion Question: What’s your favorite movie soundtrack?  For me, it doesn’t get much better than Forrest Gump!

Thank you for all of your great comments – so many fantastic soundtracks!  Check your ledgers to see if you were a random winner of 25 SBs!


-Scotty K, Team Swagbucks