Shopping, Saving and Earning Just Got Easier!

We know that when that when you need to buy something online you have 2 questions:

  1. What store has it for the best price?
  2. How many Swag Bucks can I earn in return?

Today we are thrilled to announce we have introduced a feature to answer both of those questions in record time!

Let’s suppose you want to buy a pair of sunglasses.

On the Shop homepage, you’ll find the search box on the top right hand section of the page:


Where it says “All”, is a drop down to allow you to choose between Products, Stores or Coupons.  Once you’ve selected your search type, enter what you are in search of: sunglasses.  Before you even hit Enter you will have a dropdown of some similar products matching that term. See something you like – click it and go!

Hit Enter and you will be served a list of sunglasses available at various stores complete with cost of purchase AND we have done the math for you and listed the amount of Swag Bucks earned for that purchase (see blue circle).

Choose your item and click the “Shop Now” button to go directly to the store. This display can be sorted by Cost, Swag Bucks earned or Popularity with the drop down menu highlighted in red.

You can follow the same steps listed above to find the best Coupon for an item you want.

How easy is that?  You may discover new stores, new deals or even better Swag Buck amounts.

CLICK HERE to try it out!  Search for a few things and then let us know below what you think!

Happy Shopping (and Earning!)

-Team Swagbucks