Swagbucks Book Club – Spring Fun

Welcome to the first Friday of Spring! Does it feel like Spring in your neck of the woods?  If not, hopefully today’s Swagbucks Book Club offerings will at least add some spring to your step.

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You can check out info on her latest book “Don’t Go” by clicking HERE.

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The fine print: Must be your first time participating in a “Don’t Go”book related offer.


Looking for a craft project to spruce up your house and put your distinct character on display?  Try this unique table runner, courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens.

How to create this conversation starter:

  • Lay the pages flat on the floor in the length and width you’d like your runner.
  • On the back, carefully tape the pages together.
  • Use a crafts decorative-edge punch to create a border that suits your style!


It seems everyone has jumped on the personality tests meme lately so why should book fans be any different?  Find out “What Type of Book Are You” with this quick quiz from BuzzFeed: Click Here I’m not entirely sold on their findings that I’m a “Summer Book” so I’m interested on if you agree with your classification.  After taking the quiz let us know in the comments What Kind of Book Are You and if you agree or disagree and why.  On Monday I will randomly choose 3 people to hook up with 25 Swag Bucks.

Finally – don’t forget that next Friday we will be meeting to discuss this month’s reading selection: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Mark your calendars for our discussion of this important title on March 28th at 10am PT here in the blog.  That also means it is time to pick a new title for April!