Swagbucks Tips and Tricks – Get Hooked Up!

Top ‘O the Mornin’ To You!!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Did you know that before his death on March 17, 461 Saint Patrick had one final wish: that a website be created that would allow people to earn a virtual currency for discovering what was online?!

Shocking, right?!  Thankfully, his wish came true.  We have so many ways for you to earn Swag Bucks and we know you truly love them all and take advantage of each earning opportunity as it becomes available!  But did you know there are a lot of other ways to earn Swag Bucks – via random hook ups?

You might have noticed a few during your time on the site, but now we’re going to break them all down for you RIGHT HERE!  Here are all the places you might win extra Swag Bucks:

1.  Facebook

  • Be on the lookout for fun games on other comments like “What’s on tap for dinner” or “Weekend Plans?” and you might just win some SBs!
  • We often post pictures on our page and ask you to solve a riddle, or submit a caption, or even submit your own pictures! You could win anywhere from 10-25 SBs!
  • Our new Movie Nights give you the chance to socialize with other members and answer trivia and discussion questions!
  • You can post a picture of your Mobile Swag Bucks Day (MSBD) win and you might win 25 SBs!
  • Each day we post a #SwagWord at 9am PT.  If you use it (correctly) in a sentence and we RT it, you’ll get 25 SBs!
  • Each Tuesday we run our #TTPTP (Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays) challenge – you could win 50 SBs or even 500 SBs!
  • Every Thursday we have Twitter Trivia, where you can answer random questions to win Swag Bucks!
  • Each Friday you can tweet us pictures of your mobile wins for MSBD and if we RT it, you’ll get 25 SBs!

3. Blog

  • On Monday’s we feature a Music Monday blog post with trivia and discussion questions – you could win 25 SBs!
  • On Monday we also hook up those who participate in our Friday Swagbucks Book Club discussions!
  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we feature a new Swaggernaut in our “How Swagbucks Works For Me” testimonial series – if you’re selected you’ll get 500 SBs!
  • Each Saturday we feature another Swaggernaut in our “Do-It-Yourself” series – submit a recipe or a cool arts and crafts project and you might win 500 SBs!

We hope you take advantage of these earning opportunities as well.  They are random, but definitely worth the shot!

Have you ever participated and/or won extra Swag Bucks from one of the above activities?

Thank you for all of your comments – it’s great to see!  If you’ve never been hooked up before, keep at it!!  And check your ledgers to see if you randomly won 10 SBs!

-Team Swagbucks