Update to Bing Rewards Swag Bucks Program

As many members have noticed, there was an unannounced change to the Bing Rewards Swag Bucks Program late on Saturday night. Previously when a member entered the rewards code the 500 SBs would reflect in the Daily Goal Meter, this is no longer the case.

I can give you the reasons for this change (and I will below) but what you most want to know is why this change happened without prior notice. Just recently we experienced a similar situation involving a change to swagbucks.com that was not messaged correctly prior to the switch and we promised to try our best to not let that happen again. That is why I am rather ashamed to admit that yes, it happened again. I could tell you that a plan was in place for proper messaging and something slipped through the cracks but that is not going to make this situation any better. But what I can say is that yes, we were wrong. We apologized and promised to do better yet failed again. Please know this is again unacceptable and further steels us in our resolve to serve you better.

Why the change? The Daily Goal Meter is set up to reflect your personal earnings on a daily basis – thus referral earnings do not move the meter. Bing Rewards offers the opportunity to exchange points earned on Bing for Swag Bucks, much in the same way Swag Bucks are redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards.

As Swagbucks expands, we will continue to look for opportunities for members to earn Swag Bucks across the web such as the Bing Rewards program.

Thank you for your understanding.

-Team Swagbucks