How Swagbucks Works For Me – Pirela

And we’re back!!  After a little break, our weekly testimonials have returned.  Today, we’d like you to say hello to Pirela, from the Bronx, NY.  Read about how she’s been stockpiling items from CVS, all thanks to Swagbucks (and her cousin that showed her the site!).

I signed up for Swagbucks in July 2013.   Living in NYC as a single mother is very hard, especially with living expenses. Living paycheck to paycheck and not being able to enjoy my pay was beginning to take a toll on me. A cousin of mine visited from Rochester, NY and showed me how to work with coupons to save money. I absolutely love her for that. I learned how to save 80% on my groceries and personal care items. She also told me to follow extreme couponers on facebook and twitter, which I do faithfully. While following them, I came across Swagbucks, which I thought was just a scam, but signed up anyways.

I love Swagbucks! My first earned SBs were for gift cards to CVS, which I also used coupons so I did great, even with a $10 gift card. Following that, American Eagle gift cards so my 14 yr old can have fashionable jeans. I’ve even used them for Amazon gift cards to purchase small gifts for my grandchildren. Attached is a photo of my mini stockpile thanks to Swagbucks, CVS and coupons.

Swagbucks has helped me in a great way and I appreciate it all. Right now, even though it will be a long time coming, I plan on using any earned SBs earned for a mini vacation for my kids and I. It’s much needed and we deserve it.

Thank you, Swagbucks!

Thanks for sharing this story with us, Pirela!  We’re glad you’re making Swagbucks Work For YOU!!  Keep it up and you’ll be on that mini-vacay in no time!

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-Team Swagbucks