How Swagbucks Works For Me – spark0919

As we mentioned earlier this week (and which you undoubtedly know) monthly bonuses will be paid out soon! Today, let’s all meet spark0919, from Florida.  As a second year med-student, see how he’s using Swagbucks to help him out as well as try to reach his Daily Goal and hit some Winning Streaks!

So I actually started about three years ago when this site was just starting, but for some reason I had just let my account sit idly with not a lot of Swag Bucks. I had gone to another point site like this one and kind of stuck with them for a bit.

Big mistake.

I kept on thinking with that other site I was getting points left and right. Turns out I was just wasting my time. I rediscovered Swagbucks just some months ago while I was procrastinating on studying for a test (I’m a second year in medical school currently) and quickly realized that I could earn points about 5x the rate I was earning at that other site. Doing all the small-point activities really do add up, but I also actually enjoy doing the surveys. I find out a lot about new products that I didn’t even think were coming down the pipeline soon.

I also love using the search function when I need to look up a medical term that completely eludes my mind; it really does return results that are similar to Bing’s and Google’s, except I earn points! I’m also trying to get as lengthy of a streak as possible of my daily goals; I’ve hit 7 days and am trying to go for 14 now.

I’m trying to save up for an Amazon gift card to help buy some books and other supplies I need for the rest of my medical training. But, admittedly, I’ll probably be also getting some Starbucks gift cards for the long nights ahead.  Thanks Swagbucks for all that you do! You really make earning rewards really easy.


This is fantastic!  Thank you for sharing, spark0919, or should we call you Dr. Swaggernaut?!  Keep it up!


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-Team Swagbucks