Introducing Your Daily Crave

Your Daily To Do List is about to get better: Introducing Daily Crave.

Beginning TODAY (Friday, April 11, 2014) the To Do List found on the left side of your homepage will include a fourth option.

Daily Crave is curated content from Encrave’s more comprehensive selection of videos and articles. Each day you will be served a bite-sized portion of content to discover for 1 SB.

So now you have 4 simple and guaranteed ways to earn Swag Bucks through the To Do list:

  •  Toolbar/Extension – download and install the Swagbucks toolbar or extension for your browser for 1 SB daily
  •  Daily Poll – vote on the question of the day for 1 SB daily
  •  NOSO – view a short series of offers for 2 SBs daily
  •  Daily Crave – view or read 2-3 featured articles for 1 SB daily

4 simple steps to 5 SBs! A perfect way to start your Swagbucks day!

Do you have an earning routine each day? Share your secrets to success in the comments below and on Friday we will randomly choose 5 people to award 25 SBs.

Congratulations to our random winners: Aiya9458, goomster, xiggysax, TravisSch, jajslas.  Thanks to everyone for sharing their winning tips – hope you have picked up a few new ways to earn Swag Bucks!

– Team Swagbucks


*available in US only