Swagbucks Tips and Tricks – Using the Help Center

Good morning, Swag Nation!

We know that with so many different ways to earn Swag Bucks, there will be a variety of questions.  Thankfully, we have an incredible Customer Support department who is on hand to answer your inquiries!

But perhaps you’d like to find an answer on your own – which is why we also have a detailed Help Center!  Here you’ll find the answer to just about any Swagbucks-related question imaginable!

Here’s how you can easily get to the Help Center and get your questions answered:

  1. From the Swagbucks.com Homepage, click the “Help & Feedback” link in the upper left corner of the page (pictured below, left)
  2. Then click on “View the Help Desk” (pictured below, right)


You can then check out our Top FAQs, or even type in your question to see a list of related questions/answers.

Here’s an example.  You’ve earned enough Swag Bucks for your first Gift Card (HOOOORAAAYYY!!).  You’ve ordered it, but you want to know where it is!  Just type “Where is my Gift Card?” into the search bar (pictured below) and click “Search Help,” which will bring up the related Help Center results about your topic.

Now you can click on the first question (above) – which will give you the answer you’re seeking (below)!

We hope you take full advantage of our Help Center.  However, if you cannot find the answer to your question, you can always contact our Customer Support team by clicking HERE to submit a ticket.

-Team Swagbucks