New Survey Earning Opportunity

We are always looking for ways to help you increase your Swag Bucks earning potential.  Today we’ve done just that with our newest survey earning opportunity.

How it works:

You may notice a new homepage card that has a red question mark (pictured below).  This card is powered by one of our newest partners in the Market Research space.

Simply click on the card and you will be taken to a quick profiler that will enable you to be targeted with survey opportunities.  You’ll receive 2 Swag Bucks just for completing your profile!

Once you’ve been targeted with a survey opportunity you will see a homepage card that looks like the one below.  For every completed survey, you’ll earn 60 Swag Bucks!

If you want to quickly look for these targeted surveys you can filter by “Answers” in your filter bar on the homepage.

Make sure you turn off all your filters other than “Answers” which is identified by the Check Mark icon (pictured below).  Now you’ll be able to easily find all of your valuable survey opportunities.

-Team Swagbucks