Today on SBTV – April 10, 2014

Hey Swaggernauts,

It’s time to earn some Swag Bucks and see what’s going on today around the world and on SBTV. The Swagbucks Spring Tour ‘14 Team Challenge ends at noon today so if you’re reading this and it’s before noon PST, it’s not too late to earn points for your team by watching SBTV! If it’s past noon, it’s definitely not too late to earn yourself some Swag Bucks!

Chupacabra Captured!

This legendary creature has been rumored to stalk goats and feed on blood, but has never been caught before. Until last week when a couple in Texas captured what many believe to be the real thing. What do you think?


David Letterman Retiring

Late Show host David Letterman says he’s retiring in 2015 and numerous celebrities have been rumored as the pick to replace him. Who do you think should replace him? What do you think of the suggestions in this video?

James Franco Admits to Hitting on Teen

Actor James Franco recently found himself getting some negative attention for hitting on a teenager in New York, but did he apologize? The age of consent in New York is 17 so did he do anything wrong? Why or why not?

That’s just some of the great videos you can watch to earn Swag Bucks on SBTV today. Leave your thoughts in the comments. We’ll be hooking three people up at random with 10 Swag Bucks for sharing your opinion.

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Update: Today’s winners are Liz56, lakesside, & LeLee1516!  Congratulations!