Today on SBTV – April 9, 2014

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It’s time to earn some Swag Bucks and see what’s going on today around the world and on SBTV. Don’t forget that watching 10 videos = 3 Swag Bucks and 1 Point to your team total for the Swagbucks Spring Tour ’14 Team Challenge!

Is Google Hiring a Pokemon Expert?

Google says looking to hire someone for a new and challenging position, but is anyone up to the task? Learn about the job and what it’ll take to secure the position in this video:

A Prank Worth Receiving

Not everyone welcomes a prank on April Fools,’ let alone a life-changing one, but this woman is pretty happy she was the victim of a pretty great prank.

Not a Prank But It Should Be

You’d think this young man was the victim of a horrible prank, but he went through this voluntarily.

That’s just some of the great videos you can watch to earn Swag Bucks on SBTV today. Do you enjoy a good April Fool’s prank? Feel differently about the one the woman received? Who’s the victim in the 3rd video? I’m saying his poor parents.

Leave your thoughts in the comments. We’ll be hooking three people up at random on Thursday with 10 Swag Bucks for sharing your opinion.

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Update:  Today’s winners are Waylanderz, guinealady, & Auntof11. If you weren’t one of today’s winners, hopefully you won some Swag Bucks, watching the videos and earning points for your team. Keep your eye on the blog; more opportunities to earn all the time! See today’s SBTV post here.