5 Videos to Get You Ready for Derby Day

The Kentucky Derby is in just a couple days. Whether you’ll be watching from home, placing bets, or just are a little curious, these videos should help get you in the spirit.

Not quite Kentucky, but you’ll be fascinated to see what this town does to make sure their horses stay healthy all year.

These royal horses also get special treatment.

This man lives for his horses and they repay him with trophy after trophy.

Learn about the modernization of horse racing and how one church hopes the recent allowance of racing on Good Friday will bring more members to the church.

Nothing says Derby Day quite like a delicious mint julep. You can make refreshing julep at home with this twist on a recipe.

(Please refer to your state’s laws regarding alcohol consumption and drink responsibly.)

For more Derby themed recipes and facts about horses, make your way to SBTV.

Did you learn anything new?

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