Congrats to Our Cinco de MomO 10,000 SB Winners!

First off, a huge GRACIAS to everyone that participated in our Cinco de MomO celebration yesterday!  We hope you had a great time with our Swag Code Extravagancia as well as all of the other fun earning opportunities throughout the day!

And of course, thanks for having fun with our Cinco de MomO Trivia!  We know some of the questions might have seemed tricky, but rest assured – that was our plan!!!  And remember, if you answered each question correctly you got 1 SB – so in reality, EVERYBODY was a winner!


  1. McElhinney, from Sun City, CA
  2. GlassButterfly82, from Harrisonburg, VA
  3. monech, from Calgary, Alberta
  4. karenrn78, from Smithtown, NY
  5. JKT3, from Charlotte, NC

Here are the questions and answers (and our reasoning behind them).

Q: Which mom has the “saddest” hair of all time?      A: Marge Simpson (If you caught our clue, “saddest,” in the question, Marge has very blue hair.  Blue is sad.  Hence, there you go)

Q: Which mom below is most likely to give her husband a sweater for his birthday?    A: Clair Huxtable (Her TV husband, Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) was known for wearing unique, vibrant sweaters – called Cosby Sweaters)

Q: Which of these moms is probably the “happiest” ?   A: Marion Cunningham (Our clue in this one was “happiest.”  Marion Cunningham starred on the hit show Happy Days)

Q: Which mom might need to take 2 cars for a trip to the mall?   A: Carol Brady (The Brady Bunch had a lot of kids.  You get it.  That was an easy one)

Q: Which of these mothers might be considered “royalty” ?   A: Vivian Banks (Our clue was “royalty.”  Vivian Banks was a character on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  See what we did?)

Again, thanks for participating!  It was a great day and we had just as much fun as you did!


-Team Swagbucks