How Swagbucks Works For Me – allioturtle

Good afternoon everyone!  We hope your Monday is going well (it IS possible, trust us). Earning through your referrals can be incredibly lucrative – so say hi to allioturtle, from Lihue, HI and read how she’s been cashing in on her husband’s Swaggin’!

I am so thankful for your Refer a Friend 10% for Life offer! For months my husband kept asking me questions about Swagbucks and was amazed at all of the amazon gift cards I earned.

When this offer came up I finally told him to get his own account and sent him the referral link. Since then I think he earns more than I do! We often have to push one another out of the computer chair to take our turns swagging before bed. We text each other with Swag Codes during the day. And we often have to wrestle the iPad and Kindle from one another to do our SBTV mobile / EntertaiNow apps. Sometimes I let him win, since I know I will get the referral bonus when he watches.

It’s definitely something we bond over. Now we earn over $130 a month on gift cards between the two of us. Can you say FREE DIAPERS for our two tots!?! THANKS SWAGBUCKS!

Your loyal Swaggernaut, allioturtle!

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