How Swagbucks Works For Me – catsandbubbles11

We love reading the stories you all submit!  Keep them coming!  Today please say howdy to catsandbubbles11 from, Amery, WI.  As she works towards her degree in elementary education (AWESOME) she’s working Swagbucks as well!

I’m a college student working towards a degree in elementary education. I honestly started Swagbucks so I could earn some Amazon gift cards in order for me to buy some extra books for me to read. Yes, bookworm alert! Since I’ve started, I’ve received package after package in my mailbox and it lifts my spirits every time I get a new book. After quenching my thirst for more books, I moved on to the more practical and essential Walmart gift cards to help pay for my groceries and face masks for my girls nights.

Swagbucks helps me feel more accomplished throughout the year because I’m earning a little extra money instead of simply watching Disney movies and TV shows. Earning Swag Bucks also takes my mind off the bad cafeteria food I have to eat every day. I enjoy using the Mobile SwagbucksTV app as I can spend the time in between classes watching new movie previews and yoga poses to add to my routines.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to afford little splurges throughout my school year. Especially with the winter we had in the midwest, nothing warms my heart more knowing I can afford gifts for my friends AND food for myself.

Here’s a picture with my puppy cuddling with me as I read.

Thank you for sharing this story with us!  What are you currently reading these days??

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-Team Swagbucks