How Swagbucks Works For Me – heatherNneal

Today, we’d like everyone to meet heatherNneal, from Phoenix, OR.  With a plethora of family events taking place in June, learn how she’s turned to Swagbucks to help lighten the load!

My Swag Name is heatherNneal, I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children who are turning 3 and 1 in June. June is the craziest month for us because of both of their birthdays, Father’s Day, my mother in laws birthday and our wedding anniversary which is only two days before my son’s birthday. Lots of money going out and not enough coming in. My husband lost his job as manager of a convenience store while we were in the hospital delivering my daughter, being accused of stealing. 7 months later they asked him to go back to work for them because they found out it was a mistake on their end. But my husband immediately started looking for jobs and has worked more than seven jobs since and finally getting a full time permanent job that he loves. At the time that it happened we were devastated and scared – now we are thankful and excited to see what else will come out of it.

I tell you all of that so you can understand the stress that we have gone through just having our second baby, knowing daycare is way too expensive for both of us to have a job, this being our first apartment with big bills, and weeks going by without a job period and no income at all. I knew I had to do something, so I looked into earning money online. And that is when I found Swagbucks! A savior to our small bills and presents for our children. I have been able to save up enough Swag Bucks points to buy my husband and I a beautiful bird bath for our anniversary and my son a fishing pole for his birthday coming up.

Swagbucks has also lead me to some great sites and freebies. I feel like Swagbucks has truly blessed us and I love all the ways you can earn, plus it’s really fun. My favorite is SwagbucksTV for the mobile phones. An easy 50 points every day! I love the goals, games and daily polls. It’s also a relief that I can use my own money that I earned from Swagbucks to buy my husband gifts that he deserves without having to use his own money!

Thank you Swagbucks, for all the fun activities and helping us make life just a little bit easier 😀

Thank you so much for sharing this story with us!  We’re glad you’re able to use Swagbucks and make it work for you and your family!!

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