How Swagbucks Works For Me – Revalees

What a fine Monday we’re having – wouldn’t you agree?  Let’s keep those good vibes going by meeting a new Swaggernaut.  Say hi to Revalees, from Kingman, AZ.  After hearing about Swagbucks from her nephew, learn how she’s now a certified Swaggernaut!

Thank goodness I found Swagbucks when I did and continue to use it. Almost 4 years ago my nephew came to visit and asked me if I knew about Swagbucks. I will admit I was pretty skeptical at the time but was surprised it was not too good to be true! I have utilized Swagbucks off and on but not as regular as I have been of late.

My husband lost his job and I work 45-50 hours a week full time to make sure we get all the bills paid and keep our heads a float.  When things got a bit tough the end of last year I decided to kick it into high gear and do all I could to make sure I could get the most out of Swagbucks. I use the coupons every week when I make my trips to the grocery store. Those 10 SB’s each really add up and it’s all for things I would normally get not just wasted paper.

I have the SBTV app on my iPad so I am always on there watching and earning. I manage to get as many SB codes as I can. I follow SB on Twitter so even if I am at work I get that notification and manage to take a break and get that code in. I enjoy getting the 2x survey opportunities via email. Every point adds up let me tell you.

We have our youngest daughter’s Sweet 16 coming up and the only gift she has been asking for is an iPhone. We refuse to go to a contract because we don’t want to get tied into something that could hurt us should hard times get even harder and it ruin our credit. We decided to go the prepaid route so she can get her phone without those headaches. Thanks to Swagbucks my daughter is getting her iPhone and we were even able to still have some aside towards Christmas this year.

I really do appreciate all that Swagbucks has to offer and look forward to keep on a Swaggin’!

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Revalees!  This is so great to read and we’re glad you can make Swagbucks work for your entire family!

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-Team Swagbucks