Music Monday: My Billy, Sweet Billy Boy

Happy Music Monday!  Today we celebrate the birth of a true legend of Rock n Roll!  On this day in 1950, William Haislip Squier arrived on the scene.  32 years later he scored a major hit with ‘The Stroke.’

Happy Birthday Billy Squier!  Sit back and rock out to this amazing jam!

Music Monday Trivia Question: This song was featured in one the greatest movies of all time.  What movie was it from and what color was the car driven by a certain First Grade teacher?

The first three people to answer correctly will win 25 SB!  Congrats to chelivia, gkndfn and sunnyday1983  for correctly answering Billy Madison and Green (Miss Lippy’s car…is GREEN!).

Music Monday Discussion Question: At which venue would you most like to see your favorite artist perform?

Thanks everyone, for your comments!  Check your ledger to see if you were a winner of 25 SB!


-Scotty K, Team Swagbucks