Swagbucks Book Club – Get Well Reading

Happy Friday, Swagbucks Book Club!

For many people this is the beginning of a 3-day weekend so let’s earn some quick SBs!  Have you checked out the new Read section yet?  And if you have, don’t forget to check back often for new earning opportunities.  To find out the latest earning opportunities place your cursor over each of the 6 titles to reveal what action will be rewarded.  New book titles will be added each month with even more earning chances.   Once you have checked out the May titles let us know which title you find most intriguing by voting in the fun poll below.

Don’t forget that next week (5/30/14) we will be discussing our May reading selection: Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler.  “Two unlikely friends. One journey that will change their lives forever.”  Click here to read more about this title.

Today’s discussion was inspired by a few conversations I’ve had recently.  Unfortunately I’ve been sick in bed with a bad case of stomach flu which has left me with two options: read and sleep.  When friends heard of my predicament several shared the fact that they turn to specific books when they find themselves ill and in need of distraction. Personally I have been absorbed with Calling Me Home and enjoying it immensely, I had never thought about having a fallback favorite in such a time of need.  But have you?

Today’s Discussion Question: Do you have a favorite book you turn to when sick in bed?

Leave your responses below and on Tuesday (yay! 3-day weekend) I will pick 3 people to award with 25 SBs.