What’s On SBTV?

Summer is right around the corner!  That means warmer temps, outdoor activities and perhaps some vacation plans???

We often let go, kick our feet back and do just about whatever we want on vacation – as we should, right? Check out this video from SBTV as you prepare for your next vacation:

Tips to Enjoy Your Vacation Without Packing On Extra Pounds:

It’s no secret that we, as consumers, love things in bulk. Hello, Costco!  Even our drinks have gotten enormous!  But what’s really in that jumbo drink?  Let SBTV help you figure it out!

There’s More To That Monster Drink Than You Think:

And finally – energy bars are all the rage – but there’s some sneaky sugar in them!  Check out SBTV for the scoop!

The Sneaky Sugar In Your Engery Bars:

Did you learn something new?  We hope so!

-Team Swagbucks