30K For 30 Days Swagstakes Winners!


Well everyone, it’s been a blast.

Today we are announcing the very last 30k for 30 Days winner.

For those of you reading this for the first time, we’ve been giving 30,000 SB to one lucky winner every day in the month of June! That’s 30,000 SB every single day for THIRTY straight days!

And now it’s all over.

So congratulations to today’s winner

adismith29 from the United Kingdom

Perhaps this is revenge for July 4th :-)

Speaking of July 4th, we are currently running a special Double Entry Swagstakes for 1776 Swag Bucks. That means you can purchase double the amount of entries for the same amount of Swag Bucks. So Happy July 4th!

This, and other ongoing Swagstakes, can be viewed here.

Good luck and keep Swagging!

Until soon,

-Team Swagbucks

The Hall of 30 

  • 6/1/14: LuvRaj from Fredericksburg, VA
  • 6/2/14: tippy1kitty from McAllen, TX
  • 6/3/14: Dvsdarkstar from Huntington Beach, CA
  • 6/4/14: mrschaty from Cape May, NJ
  • 6/5/14: Funonthefarm from Darien Center, NY
  • 6/6/14: TaylorKaruta from Johns Creek, GA
  • 6/7/14: JETAL fromSanford, NC
  • 6/8/14: bharvill from Tuckerton, NJ
  • 6/9/14: chip398 from Hoffman Estates, IL
  • 6/10/14: 2000bc from San Antonio, TX
  • 6/11/14: NameQuay88 from Michigan
  • 6/12/14: Jewels08 from Oshawa, ON, Canada
  • 6/13/14: Sally0910 from Honolulu, HI
  • 6/14/14; tsetsefly from Coatesville, PA
  • 6/15/14: MttNvk from Woodbridge, NJ
  • 6/16/14: 3as2cs from Glendale, AZ
  • 6/17/14: laizl8 from Fremont, MI
  • 6/18/14: navywife96  from Newport News, VA
  • 6/19/14: ZoomtasticZone from Stockton, CA
  • 6/20/14: MommyOnTheRun from Riverside, CA
  • 6/21/14: kare56  from John Day, OR
  • 6/22/14: treble1 from North Olmsted, OH
  • 6/23/14: redjen  from Sterling Heights, MI
  • 6/24/14: Swaguser16237298 from Livingston, TX
  • 6/25/14: MsManhattan from Fort Myers, FL
  • 6/26/14:  dancyjosie  from Bangor, England UK
  • 6/27/14:  jbooker6607  from Upper Darby, PA 
  • 6/28/14wabor from North Bend, OR
  • 6/29/14: Jspur1 from Parma, OH
  • 6/30/14: adismith29 from the United Kingdom