Don’t Be Scared of MSBD!

It’s Friday the 13th…OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH SCARY!!!  Here’s something that won’t frighten you – earning Swag Bucks from your smartphone!

And remember – during our Dads vs Grads Team Challenge, when you earn SB via Special Offers, SBTV, EntertaiNOW, Search or Swag Codes from your phone,  you’ll also earn points for your team!

We want you to be earning Swag Bucks wherever you are! That’s one of the reasons we’ve created Mobile Swag Bucks Day!

What is Mobile Swag Bucks Day (#MSBD)? It is a day filled with opportunities to win bonus Swag Bucks for sharing images of your Swag Buck wins on your mobile phone.

FUN FACT: Did you know that nearly 73% of our Swaggernauts say they use a Smartphone?

Keep in mind that MSBD is just one of the many ways to earn Swag Bucks. You can still earn Swag Bucks using our Search feature, from your desktop – and we give out nearly 1 million Swag Bucks through Search wins EVERY SINGLE DAY!

We greatly appreciate your support and of course, the THOUSANDS of Facebook posts and Tweets you’ve submitted with pictures of your mobile wins! Keep it up – as we love seeing how you earn Swag Bucks while on the go!

What should you share? Any SB award from a mobile device, such as:

Just take a screenshot of your win and share it on Swagbucks Facebook or Swagbucks Twitter including #MSBD and your swag name. Throughout the day we will randomly choose members and award them 25 Swag Bucks!

Here are some examples:

And here are some useful resources:

How to take a screenshot on an iPhone.

How to take a screenshot on an Android.

How to share photos on twitter (using TwitPic)

*****Special Announcement*****

For all of our SBTV app users we want to let you know that we’ve made some bug fixes so there’s new and improved version of our Android SBTV app ready for you to download.

If you don’t have the Swagbucks Android SBTV app yet, you can download it today from the Google Play store.  With the SBTV app you can watch movie trailers, celebrity videos, news, comedy clips, and more, all while earning Swag Bucks no matter where you are!   Download it today!

Here’s what some users are saying about the app

“This is the app you can earn more Swag Bucks with.  Enjoy!”  Bethany – NY

“Awesome, this is a very good way to get your Swag Bucks up.” Rhikelah – TN 

-Team Swagbucks