How Swagbucks Works For Me – Androniki

Let’s jump right into meeting today’s featured Swaggernaut!  Tip your cap (if you’re wearing one) to Androniki, from Berkeley, CA!  Read below to see how she’s making Swagbucks Work for Her!

They say timing is everything. Well, they are right. When I finished my Master’s degree a few years ago, economy has just crashed and finding a job was almost impossible, especially finding something that would allow me to use my skills and follow my passion. After searching for a long time and realizing that a stable job would also mean doing something I don’t like at all and being underpaid for it, I decided to become a freelancer in my profession. While I have not regretted it professionally, and I feel quite lucky about being able to wake up every day and do something I like, self-employed has its problems. It’s unstable, you never know what’s next, and it can get very tight at times. Which is why I found myself using my money less and less to just enjoy myself. How can I do that when I don’t know what my income will be like in two months? Better safe than sorry, right? So, I put a lot of my hobbies aside. It’s fun, sure, and I love it, but it’s not a priority. Getting myself new books or movies or books about movies, for example, which is something I love, is not needed for my survival.

Then, I discovered Swagbucks. And I realized that with a little effort I can slowly start earning towards what I call my Fun Fund. I work from home and on my computer, so this allows me to use different methods to earn Swagbucks quite easily and without distracting me from the work I am supposed to get done. I’ve started using Swagbucks regularly back in November, and since then have been able to use my Swag Bucks for Amazon gift cards and after a few years of not getting anything for myself, was able to treat myself again. It made me realize that I needed this. I needed to be able to enjoy myself a bit more and it makes it easier for me to balance my professional life as self-employed, giving space to other things in life too, and Swagbucks helps me do that, guilt-free. So thank you, Swagbucks, for giving me that.

And in turn, I was glad I could do the same for a friend and send him here, too.

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