How Swagbucks Works For Me – davecandy

Happy Halfway to the Holidays!!  We hope you’re having a great day celebrating with us!  Today, please say hi to davecandy, from Johnstown, PA.  Learn how he and his wife are using Swagbucks to make sure their kids have a fantastic Christmas!

First, let me say thank you Swagbucks. The TV you are looking at is a 60 inch Vizio Smart TV, which was bought solely with the money my wife and I make from Swagbucks. Together, we average about $240 a month. We do Swagbucks from the time we wake up, until we go to bed some days. My wife and I even compete with each other some days to see who makes more. Hey, who doesn’t enjoy bragging rights?

Our children will also be having a very nice Christmas this year. We usually cash out for Walmart gift cards, and then do our shopping through the Shop and Earn. We do our Christmas shopping VERY early, and have already spent over $400 on our kids so far. Before we started doing Swagbucks, we were lucky if we had $200 total for Christmas.

What else can I say? We love Swagbucks. We don’t call ourselves Swaggernauts. We call ourselves SwaggerNUTS, because we always tell each other that we’d have to be nuts not to do this.

Thanks for sharing, davecandy!  This is such a great story and we love that you call each other SwaggerNUTS! Keep up the great Swagging!

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-Team Swagbucks