How Swagbucks Works For Me – jenn157

Welcome to June! It’s going to be a great month and let’s get it started by meeting another Swaggernuat! Say hi to jenn157, from Leeds, AL.

My Swag Name is jenn157 and I am from Leeds AL. Both my partner and I are on disability and it gets hard to save money a lot of the times.

Well over the past several years that I have been a member of Swagbucks, I have been able to earn some amazing rewards. Starting off with a Swagbucks t-shirt that I wear all the time to a canvas shopping back that I love to shop with. Well, over time I have earned so much in rewards we have been able to buy Christmas and birthday gifts for people that we love.

We were able to buy our daughter a cake decorating airbrush set, among other things. And if you can see from the pics of us because of Swagbucks we have been able to save some extra money to take some much needed R and R.

I love Swagbucks and am so glad that I found it. Thanks Swagbucks!

Thank YOU for sharing this great story with us, jenn157! ¬†What is the next item on your list you’re hoping to get from Swagbucks??

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