How Swagbucks Works For Me – loykalina

Dads vs Grads is going strong! For today’s testimonial, we’d like everyone to meet loykalina, from the United Kingdom! Learn how he’s been utilizing Swagbucks as he works to complete his Master’s Degree! A soon to be grad!!

I started to do a Master’s degree in English Literature in October last year. Unfortunately, I had some personal issues that caused me to have serious financial problems. Since I was required to dedicate a long time for my studies, I was unable to look for a job immediately. I could not stop studying because, this is my second attempt to complete a Master’s degree and if I cannot complete it in time, I will have to pay back to my sponsor, which paid the tuition fee, but not the monthly salary after six months–which complied with the rules. Thus, I had really a difficult time.

However, that changed dramatically after a friend introduced Swagbucks to me. It was easy to learn how to earn points especially thanks to the tips you give on your blog and the ones my friend gave me. I decided to reward myself with an e-reader for the suffering I went through–I am afraid I am still having those problems, but not as severely as in the beginning fortunately. It took me three months to save enough vouchers to buy a Kindle for myself. I also bought a T-shirt and stationary. I have also redeemed my points for PayPal vouchers as well. Nowadays, I save points for both Amazon vouchers to buy presents for my brothers and PayPal vouchers.

Thank you so much for providing this service.

Thank you for sharing your story!  Keep up your great work!!

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