How Swagbucks Works For Me – MalloryLindsly

It’s another week of Swagging and another week of meeting Swaggernauts!  Today, please say hi to MalloryLindsly, from Metairie, LA.  See how she worked with her sister to earn as many SB as possible, to help out their mom!

In December 2010 my mom fell sick and was hospitalized. It was right around Christmas time and my sister and I pooled our money together to surprise her with an iPad. Even though the iPad is in very good condition, it is three years later and Apple stopped pushing out updates to the iPad 1. We looked to see if we could trade in the iPad and we could only get $45 — not anywhere close to the $500 we spent on it. Mom and I decided that she deserved a new iPad (she doesn’t not have a computer or laptop).

Together we put our efforts together to earn Best Buy gift cards to buy Mom’s iPad. With all of your Swagbucks Best Buy gift cards – Mom’s new iPad Air only cost her $45! Now she can watch TV through Hulu and Netflix, Swagbucks, and read books anywhere in the house.

My next goal is to earn PayPal giftcards to help pay down my student loans. I have about $9,000 (already paid off $13,000!) from earning 3 degrees. Every little bit helps with knocking down interest.

Thank you Swagbucks!

Thank you, MalloryLindsly, for sharing this story!  We hope you’ll be able to pay off the rest of your student loans!  What’s your favorite way to earn Swag Bucks??

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