How Swagbucks Works For Me – Mizhide420

We’ve got a great story from another Swaggernaut to take you into the weekend!  Say hi to Mizhide420, from Balitmore, MD.  She was referred to Swagbucks by her sister – and the rest is history (and below):

I was referred to join Swagbucks by my sister, and I can’t express how grateful I am to her. I’m a disabled, single mom, with a beautiful little girl. Being on a fixed income, money can be tight, but every year, I manage to save away a little money, so I can take her on a mini vacation during the summer. See, we’re Ocean City, MD girls! My sister knows how far I can stretch a buck, but told me about this awesome website that I can actually earn money to fund our vacation.

Knowing that each activity I complete, is going to another great memory that we can share together, is pretty special to me. I told my mother about it, and now she is an active Swaggernaut also. I put the word out over my social media pages also.

What my daughter doesn’t know, is that I just booked our room. She knows money has been tighter than normal, but with the amount of Swag Bucks that I’ve earned, I did manage to earn enough to take us to the beach for a few days this summer.

Thank you, Swagbucks! I’ve learned some interesting things, and some that, well, left me shaking my head. All the while, I was earning Swag Bucks to make a few more OC memories with my little girl!!

What a great story! You were referred by your sister and then you started earning Swag Bucks and referred your mom! Fantastic!  Have a great vacation!

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-Team Swagbucks