How Swagbucks Works For Me – WhisperingEye87

For today’s featured Swaggernaut, we’ve got a very inspiring story. ┬áPlease say hi to WhisperingEye87, from Ohio. ┬áRead her story below…

I joined Swagbucks last year around winter time with no regrets. I don’t have the best results yet, but I see exactly how it is done. If you spend a little money on things you would spend money on in the first place or some are only shipping and handling for a cool package of stuff and your swag points go way up for those.

I have been looking for work and living in and out of my car with my child, from couch to couch, since right after Christmas. I am very excited to begin spending cash on the Swagbucks site because if people do the math, we make back 3 times as much as we spend at times. It’s a great website and I am eager to become more and more involved in all the wonderful things Swagbucks offers! It is also a fun site to be on. I have definitely told everyone I know and Facebook-ed, about how beneficial to people’s lives this site has the potential to be if we take time to do it.

Depending on your preference you only need, 30 minutes to a few hours a day. Thank you Swagbucks for offering this to people struggling to make ends meet because I read a lot of good reviews on how it’s working for many others. Watching my Swag Bucks grow each day; I am finally closer to trying to get something. I haven’t had enough to receive anything yet but I am on the way. The anticipation is exciting just knowing I’m so close to getting a 25 dollar PayPal card to help me with gas to go to interviews I have set up this week! Main goal in life is to make my daughter’s life better. And this picture is us at the zoo.

I will continue to refer people to the site and give feedback to encourage others to keep it up because it is worth it!

Thanks Swagbucks!

Thank you so much for sharing your story! We’re sending good vibes your way and hope your interviews go well! And here is 500 Swag Bucks for you!

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