Saturday Do-It-Yourself: Homemade Kites

Welcome to SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!! We officially made it everyone! There’s nothing better than getting outside in the sun and flying a kite! And here’s a great DIY project to help you make your own this summer! The idea comes from hhshatimsaifee, from India!

  1. Cut two Sticks
  2. And Glue into a cross
  3. Glue string at each point of the cross to make the kite frame
  4. Use the frame as a template
  5. Place the frame on a piece of fabric
  6. Cut follow the frame of the kite leaving an half an inch around the frame
  7. Fold the fabric and glue over the frame
  8. Tie a string in the middle of the T frame
  9. Glue the remaining string to the end of a dowel
  10. Decorate your kite with ribbons and bows
  11. Let it fly!!

What a great idea! We hope you all give this a try this summer!

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Have a great weekend!

-Team Swagbucks