Swagbucks Book Club – Free To A Good Home

Welcome Swagbucks Book Club!  Can you believe Father’s Day is next weekend already? This summer is going to fly by!

If you are looking for a good summer read I recommend our June reading selection The Good House by Ann Leary.  “Superstition, drama and intrigue unspool at a perfect pace in Ann Leary’s irresistible novel, The Good House, a tale steeped in New England character and small-town social tumult” – Redbook.

If you want to find out more about this book (and earn Swag Bucks!) check it out in the Read section of Discovery. If you have not done so yet you can read the first chapter and earn 5 Swag Bucks.  I’ve been hearing from several Swagbucks Book Club members how much they enjoyed this book so I hope you will too!  Join us Friday June 27th as we discuss this title (and I give out copious amounts of Swag Bucks for participating).

The Good House opens with this line: “I can walk through a house once and know more about its occupants than a psychiatrist could after a year of sessions”.

Today’s Discussion: What does your house say about you? 

Leave your comments below throughout the weekend and on Monday June 9th I will randomly pick 3 people to award with 25 Swag Bucks!


PS. If you are going to see The Fault In Our Stars this weekend at the theater you may be interested in the Swagbucks Book Club discussion of this emotionally moving book from 2013.  Click Here.